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Maderotherapy is a holistic massage technique that uses wooden tools which are formed in different shapes and sizes in order to adapt to different parts of the body.

With a series of frequent movements, these anatomically designed instruments can apply pressure to problem areas like tights, buttocks, love handles or abdomen. The goal is to improve lymphatic circulation, breaking down fat deposits and cleansing the Body from cellulite and other toxins. Stimulating the lymphatic system will help to sculpt the body in a healthy and naturell way.

Each session lasts 45 minutes and changes can be noticed as soon as the fifth session. Results take time and Maderotherapy takes at least a series of 10 treatments to get expected end results. Of course, a healthy diet and lifestyle play an important role in long lasting results as well.


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Kathi, DE

"I found Vic online and started to work with her couple of months ago. Her classes are so energizing and challenging. Vic is a gifted trainer, knowledgeable, experienced, and flexible in her training. Great coach."

Tanya, DE

"Vic is an amazing instructor with great corrections. Her workouts are enjoyable as well as challenging. She is super friendly, supportive and encouraging! Would highly recommend her classes and treatments."

Julia, DE

“Vic's trainings maintains a fast and fun pace with low impact exercises. She is an inspiring trainer with great movements. Her classes guarantee the right combination of push and encouragement. The training is very adaptive to the materials and space at hand, as well, as my individual needs.”
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