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My Vision

My mission in life is to inspire and motivate as many people as possible, to encourage all to live to their fullest, most creative, and most joyful potential! It is my passion to support people to establish a new relationship with movement such as Barre or functional training – whilst finding their confidence and understanding how incredible they really are. It is my mission to give the tools, advice, and inspiration, to remind you how much you are truly worth to build up your own strengths, mobility, and motivation!

I have a deep understanding of postural alignment and I know how to support you individually to build a healthy, sporty, and sustainable lifestyle from the inside out. As a trainer, I help people reach their goals and assist them in finding the sensitivity within each body movement.


My training is designed to fit into your busy lives and to allow you to add exercise, nutrition, and physical health into your daily routines. 


Whatever you need, I have your back!


Action is a key factor in finding your motivation and so a big part of what we will do is to get you moving to take action, to find that motivation so you can start seeing progress. We aim to make the exercises fun and engaging. When we are having fun things always seem easier. 


It’s all well and good sculpting a body in the gym but if it doesn’t translate into functional stability, strength, and power in the real world, all you’re really doing is feeding your ego. Through clear goals I will help you to find your inner warrior and build that strength.


I have worked with a variety of athletes of all ages and abilities and what I have learned is that the process by which the development of mobility occurs is not one type of training or group of exercises. It´s all about the implementation of joint range of motion and flexibility modalities. 

victoria henze barre berlin
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